GPS Tracking

Sactin GPS Tracker

The GPS device connected to the bus gives the Principal and Parents a close watch on where the bus is and how much time will it take to reach each of the stop.

We go through some strict processes as we weigh up everything from design and features, interface and price. We do research and development of innovative, customized software products which create challenges to our knowledge base.We are very happy to provide our service to an esteemed client like you and here-by we assure you the best from us. We also providing e-learning contents and hardwares that enhancing learning.

Sactin Tracker

GPS tracking software is a satellite-based navigation device that helps you locate the exact location of a particular object, person, or other things that you may wish to track. The software uses the latest smart technology of the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of the object and ensure that it gets updated in real-time.

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