Sactin ERP

Sactin ERP

SACTIN software is established and proven solution offered from BUYUK and widely accepted product in many schools in all over India now. With the proven track success of the campuses today we are proud to have SACTIN in our family products which is the next generation software for campus management. SACTIN is the product that can cater to all kind of educational institutions. It is a complete we be enabled solution for education alI institutions, providing sophisticated software applications simply through a web browser. The users of SACTIN can access information from anywhere, at any time of day.

SACTIN has been built from the ground, in close coordination with various schools, the design architects have built the SACTIN solution that supports the widely differing administrative processes as well as different educational model that can be easily customizable.

Online Admission

Helps one to have an online application for the admission of their siblings or relatives through the SACTIN App itself.


An excellent module to conduct the exams. The teacher can preset the question paper as a pdf or can even take the picture of the question paper

Voice Message

An advanced messaging system by Sactin where the Principal can send a voice note to Parents or Teachers which they will receive as a voice call.

Time Table

The time table will be prepared by the teachers for the entire Academic Year and can be viewed by the students as daily view or weekly view.

Test Papers

The notification about an exam can be dropped in this module. Which all topics has to be covered, How many mark exam will be conducted etc.

Exam Marks

The marks gained by the students for each exams like Pre Mid-term, Mid-term and Post Mid-term and the test papers will be displayed in this module.


The teachers can give Home works to the students right from the SACTIN App. Just have to give a title and add the required question or attach a file which is preset


A module where the principal can issue a notice to whole school. It can be restricted to teachers only, parents only or to a particular class or even division.


Bulk messaging is an important system in the school which cannot be replaced. We provide a system limited number of messages can be sent to parents at free of cost.


Principal will be given the notification of Birthdays of every student day by day, and have an option to send a wish for the child directly. The wish can be customized or will have a default one by Sactin.


Accounting software records and processes accounting transactions using modules that include Complete Financial Transactions with in an Institution Like accounts payable, accounts receivable.


This is a module where the parent can request/give a feedback of their child to a particular subject teacher in person. The teacher can reply back for the concern. This conversation is restricted to a single teacher.

Search Students

The Principal can search out for the students in the school at a go with one click. The students can be seen class wise and division wise. Complete details on each student with the parent details and contact numbers can be viewed.


A module which helps to replace the conventional diary and can have all the records of each and every notes given by the teachers to students. The parents will be receiving a notification as a teacher gives a note on this module.


Sactin provides the ID cards to full Students and Teachers with great design and quality. For the teachers and higher class students there is an option for RFID cards where their attendance can be tracked with a Biometric Device we provide.


This module with the help of Security log in gives a track record of all the visitorswhere all the details including the photo of the visitors can be collected and it will be shared to the Principal in Real Time no matter wherever he/she is.


The attendance of the students can be marked through Sactin App. The teacher will have some options like Present, Late, Late with Excuse, Half day or Absent. They can even add some remarks for each student so that the notification will be sent to the parent.


The students will be given the details of every teachers of their particular classes. They can call them directly with the contact numbers provided in the Sactin App.Students can watch classes live and offline.


A Unique module which practically dissolves the use of class social media groups like WhatsApp. A teacher can chat with a particular class in common. The teacher can view all the chats from all students but each student gets the reply for their own chat only.

Online Class Links

Online classes are taken on different platforms by different schools/teachers like Google Meet, MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx etc. Those class Links can be shared through the App so that the Principal can have track on how many classes has been taken by the teacher and on which platform.


A fun based module by Sactin to do a quick activity during the classes. Teacher can create a question and post it with options and once it is received the students can appear the quiz. If they are clicking the right answer they will be given a specific mark etc.


A module where all the personal data of a student or a teacher can be viewed, including their contact number Address Educational qualifications of the teachers etc.

Bus Tracking

The GPS device connected to the bus gives the Principal and Parents a close watch on where the bus is and how much time will it take to reach each of the stop.


This module will contain the Photos and videos of the events which takes place in the school.


A module Exclusively for the Library Teacher. The complete list of books in the Library will be integrated. A student can Chat with the Librarian, Track Books, Request books, View return dates, Track on the books taken by each students, Can find out the knowledge master with most no. of books taken etc.

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